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Blend, the all-in-one solution for cross-platform lending investments.

Pre-sale round

Next round

1 ETH - 2000 BLE

1 ETH - 1800 BLE



Target bonus:

  • 0
  • 2M
  • 4M
  • 6M
  • 8M
0% Complete
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%

Pre-sale round:

0% Complete
  • 0 BLE
  • 1,200,000 BLE
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A clear view on your lending platform investments

Blend provides a clear view on lending investments to maximize your profits by blending multiple lending platforms into one easy-to-use dashboard.

We are a European based company with a team that consists of highly-skilled professional developers, software engineers, project managers and advisers, all very experienced within stock market trading and investment platforms.

We have blended their knowledge and skill set to become a high-end team within the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology.

Our Blend platform will interact with multiple lending platforms and thereby making it easier for our users to make, manage and track their cross-platform lending investments.

With our technology we are able to bring a larger group of lenders and borrowers together in an understandable and trusted environment where security and safety are key priorities.

In our view, this flexibility will lead to a better balance in supply and demand in the lending market and at the same time a more secure and profitable platform with numerous opportunities for growth.


Our roadmap to create the all-in-one Blend investments solution.

  • Q4, 2017Concept development
    Platform development
    Launch Blend desktop & mobile website
  • Blend
    ICO sale Starts!
    Q1, 2018
  • Q1, 2018BLE Exchange listings
    Web wallet
  • Android/iOS wallet
    Blend dashboard (beta)
    Q1, 2018
  • Q2, 2018Blend Dashboard
    (public release)
  • Blend ExchangeQ3, 2018
  • Q4, 2018Blend app


We will blend in all usable and most profitable features.

Blending multiple lending platforms into one easy-to-use dashboard.
Blend bonus system for different ways to make more profits.
Blend coin (BLE) which will be trade-able on exchanges.
Active monitoring of multiple lending platforms and contracts.
View and manage your cross-platform investments portfolio.
Blend wallet on web, desktop and Android/iOS.
Internal exchange with API functionality.
2FA, server encryption, DDoS protection and SSL to secure data transfer.
Compare lending contracts based on custom filtered options and desires.
Risk/reward analysis, risk level classification and user-based reviews/ratings.



Join us! and take part in our comprehensive approach on lending investments.

Blend has created an all-in-one platform that will allow users to make, manage and track all their cross-platform investments by using only one dashboard.

Our team came to think that one of the most important things lending investors will need is an all-in-one platform where you can easily choose from the most profitable and reliable lending contracts across multiple platforms.

In order to do so, we will use our Blend technology to actively monitor and interact with multiple lending platforms. We will give our users the possibility to easily compare and review lending platforms and contracts according to our critical standards, before investing their hard-earned money.

An all-in-one dashboard to make, manage and track your lending platform investments



We decided to implement a bonus system to reward our users with extra coins to make even more profits on top of your lending investments.

Blending icon


Receive extra Blend coins for using lending programs through our Blend dashboard.

Staking icon


Receive an interest bonus for holding your coins in the Blend wallet (web/desktop/app).

Exchange icon


Receive Blend coins by participating in trading challenges and more.

Affiliate icon


Receive referral bonuses for inviting your friends and family to our platform.

White blending icon(B)lending

Blending multiple lending platforms into one easy-to-use dashboard.

You can simply manage, track and evaluate all your cross-platform investments within our easy-to-use dashboard, so you will have a clear and distinct view on how to make your investments as highly profitable as possible.

Above all, we will guide you through the process based on your experience level using our risk management methods and risk level classification model.

You will be able to build a profitable lending portfolio with realistic targets using our tips & tools to achieve your goals.

Even if other platforms fail to fulfill their obligations, you will still receive your guaranteed Blend bonus.

Blending multiple lending platforms into one easy-to-use mobile dashboard.

Staking icon headingStaking

Hold your Blend coins for more profit.

You will get an annual interest bonus up to 10% for just holding your coins in the Blend wallet.

Blend coin holders will also benefit from profit sharing of trading fees within our internal exchange.

Over time, the Blend wallet will be available on web, desktop and android/iOS.

Exchange icon headingExchange

You can simply buy and sell your coins within our internal exchange.

Receive Blend coin rewards by participating in trading challenges and get discounts on trading fees.

Blend coin (BLE) will also be listed on multiple external exchanges in the short term.

After all, we want our users to have the possibility to freely decide how they want to invest, trade or hold their Blend coins for making the most profits on their investments.

Exchange your tokens in our internal mobile exchange

Affiliate icon headingAffiliate

Earn more by helping us grow.

You will have the possibility to earn Blend coin bonuses on different levels by simply inviting your friends and family to start using our platform.

As a result Blend and its users will have mutual benefits from the growth of the company.


Blend coin:

ERC20 token

Total supply:

40.000.000 BLE

Total ICO cap:

8.000.000 BLE

Token decimals:


Token sale

You will have the opportunity to invest in our company by participating in our token sale.

We will distribute a maximum of 8 000 000 tokens (BLE) through our ICO token sale.

This token sale consists of different phases with according discounts and an extra bonus for all participants on achieving our selling targets.

We have decided to put in a pre-sale phase with the least supply, but with the most discount to show our appreciation for supporting our company at an early stage.

ICO SupplyAmount

Pre-sale1,200,0001 ETH = 2000 BLE

Round 11,400,0001 ETH = 1800 BLE

Round 21,600,0001 ETH = 1600 BLE

Round 31,800,0001 ETH = 1400 BLE

Round 42,000,0001 ETH = 1200 BLE

Target Bonus

Target bonus (for all ICO token sale participants)

The achieved target bonus will be automatically applied upon your purchases and will be distributed after the sale has ended.

The final target bonus will replace all previous achieved target bonuses.

TargetBonus gift

Bonus 12,000,00010%

Bonus 24,000,00015%

Bonus 36,000,00020%

Bonus 48,000,00025%

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